The range of our services


Design in building construction

Architectural designs
Construction designs
Hydrotechnical designs
Mechanical installation projects
Electrical installation projects
Landscaping projects
Architectural barrier removal projects
Project documentation reviews
Supervision of construction-craft works


Urban planning

Urban planning designs
Regulating plans
Parcellation plans
Zoning plans
Development of maps


Protection of architectural heritage

Archaeological and conservation studies
Valorization of architectural heritage
Architectural heritage rehabilitation, reconstruction and conservation projects
Review of projects in the field of architectural heritage


Strategic planning

Urban development plans
Spatial plans
Management plans
Master plans
Traffic studies
Feasibility studies
Economic analyses
Demographic studies
Analysis of spatial constraints and possibilities
Energy potential analyses
Development of land acquisition plans


Environmental protection

Environment impact assessment
Social impact assessment
Environmental monitoring


Infrastructure design

Infrastructure projects
Road safety analyses
Waste management plans
Municipal waste landfill rehabilitation projects
Recycling yard projects



Project management
Communication with the public
Consulting in real estate
GIS data processing and presentation
Implementation of GIS solutions
3D visualizations