Company for spatial and urban planning, design, studies and consulting.


The idea of establishing was initiated back in 1990, and began to be implemented four years later when the company was registered. Ever since it was established, Ecoplan has been on an upward trajectory through a steady expansion of activities, increase in the number of employees and professional training.

What we do

We started as an architectural firm, and expanded our activities to spatial and urban planning afterwards. Soon we began to prepare study documentation in the field of environment and protection and study development (economic) projects. Today we also design infrastructure projects. We have completed a full range of activities that together provide a comprehensive answer to all the questions of sustainable development and investment projects.

We know how to identify the problem and solve it. We know how to realize an idea and overcome the limitations that arise during the development of any project. We have managed many projects from their beginning to the very end. For our clients, we have been finding sites, obtaining permits, conducting tender procedures, designing and conducting supervision of construction works.

In the territory of BiH, we have become one of the leading companies for developmental, spatial and urban planning.

We create new ideas.

We solve problems.

Our team consists of experts who apply state-of-the-art technical and scientific achievements, complying with the current regulations in the fields of our business. We combine our knowledge with experience because only such an approach provides excellent results. We have proven our efficiency in a wide range of projects carried out by proven experts from the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.






Our business integrates creative and engineering solutions. Through the creative work process, we work with clients intensely and with commitment and adjust their wishes and needs to engineering options, legal frameworks, technical standards and the author’s vision. We build a relationship of mutual trust with clients using our long experience and knowledge combined with creative author’s expression in order to realize the project in the highest-quality manner. It does not matter to us if the project involves a small or large-scale work in space; all projects are equally important and we approach all of them with equal professionalism up to a complete solution.


Want to join Ecoplan team?

Ecoplan is a consultancy firm specialized in architectural and infrastructural design, spatial and urban planning, and the creation of study documentation. Environmental impact assessments, demographic studies, traffic studies, and feasibility studies are just some of the documents that help our investors make the right decisions on their projects. Over the past 27 years, we have built a reputation as a renowned consultant and business partner. Want to work with us? We are looking for new members to join our team.

Sounds interesting? We offer the opportunity to join our team of people and work together on some of the biggest projects in the country and region. We need a motivated and curious

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s in Architecture and Urbanism – 2 candidates
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s in Civil Engineering – 2 candidates
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s in Electrical Engineering – 1 candidate

with whom we will grow together.

Image of the office space. Design of the office Ecoplan Mostar. Office design. Interior architecture


 We require:

  • Experience working in BIM (REVIT) and/or GIS
  • Excellent knowledge of working in AUTODESK and Microsoft Office suite
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language
  • B category driver’s license

The tasks the candidate will be engaged in include the creation of all phases of architectural-construction project and spatial planning documentation, cooperation, and coordination with designers of various professions.

Candidates can expect to work in a stimulating and creative work environment, work with modern IT engineering tools on interesting design tasks, opportunities for advancement, and professional development.

Required experience:

Required knowledge/skills:

  • AutoCAD or AutoCAD Map
  • QGIS, Grass GIS, gvSIG, SAGA, or ArcGIS Pro
  • Conducting GIS spatial analyses based on input data (official, unofficial, analytically generated)
  • Knowledge of the legal framework of spatial planning
  • Microsoft Office
  • Fluent knowledge of English (spoken and written)
  • B category driver’s license

Desirable qualities:

  • Developed organizational and communication abilities
  • Efficient time management
  • Independence, accuracy, and systematic approach in performing tasks
  • Reliability, organization, and resourcefulness
  • High level of responsibility and motivation
  • Exceptionally strong business ethics and loyalty
  • Ability to think logically, conceptually, and critically
  • Openness in communication and problem-solving ability
  • Teamwork orientation
  • Possession of knowledge in every segment of the profession
  • Desire for acquiring new knowledge and experiences
  • Respect for deadlines

Why work with us?

Ecoplan is involved in the development of the biggest projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina for our clients, and we believe we are the A team. We think the secret to our success is the best people gathered around our company. A fundamental value we cherish in our people is the pursuit of excellence in all our work fields. If you are looking for fertile ground for your professional and personal development and a place where you can prove, affirm, and advance these values, we would be happy to meet you.

Evaluation process

The evaluation process will take place in three phases.

First, we assess all applications sent to us, followed by a 10-minute phone call with each candidate individually. This gives us a fuller picture of the person behind the CV. We simply do not like to miss the opportunity to discover the best team members who could join us.

After the first evaluation, we will notify all applicants of the evaluation results. Potential candidates who meet our conditions will undergo a testing phase, which will consist of a general knowledge check and a specific task that will have to prove their ability to take responsibility for this job.

After evaluating the tests, all candidates will be informed of the results. Candidates who achieve the best results in the testing (up to five) will be asked for a personal meeting and to conduct the final interview.


Send us your

  • CV/Resume in Europass format
  • Portfolio in pdf format up to a maximum size of 5 Mb (mandatory for candidates in architecture and urbanism)
  • University diploma
  • Professional exam certificate (not necessary)
  • Other attachments candidates consider relevant to their application (certificates of computer programs, languages, etc.)

Applications should be sent to:

This call is open until February 29th, 2024.